Thursday 5 February 2009

Dramatic Writing in Second Life

A very interesting project that utilised Second Life as a stage set for dramatic writing students. This came about from a successful Teaching Fellowship Award project developed by Becky Freeman (Faculty of Arts Learning Technologist), Anthony Caleshu, (Programme Manager for English and Creative Writing, School of Humanities) and Mark Pannell (Learning Technologist, EdaLT).

I was pleased to provide some support on the two days the sessions ran, also filming the students over the two days. ...Before you ask "but this is not a science subject?", I had my Experiential Learning CETL 'hat' on for this piece of work and it was an opportunity to work across schools with some very talented learning technologists..

The video was filmed using a Sony HDR FX1 camera, editing was carried out using Adobe Premiere CS3. CS3 is now superseded by CS4.  If you have the bandwidth, the video is best viewed in HD.

Further details on Becky Freeman's project can be found here.

I would like to thank Plymouth University Television and Broadcast Services for help and assistance, and also the Plymouth University Library Media counter for use of their editing suite.