Tuesday 24 March 2009

SCOLAR (Submitting Coursework Online And Remotely)

The following are notes on a recent meeting regarding SCOLAR.

Here are some useful links: SCOLAR on T&L Web, there is also a powerpoint slide that highlights the features.

(Edit - since writing this post, further details on how to setup and use SCOLAR are now available)

Key points:
  • Linked to tulip
  • Will be under ‘Lists’ on module sites (left navigation bar) shown as ‘Assignments’
  • Stage 2 Pilot underway Jan – Jun 09
  • When with this be officially rolled out? – Sept 2009

  • Electronic submission.
  • Email notifications.
  • Accept late submissions.
  • Shows student numbers not names at the moment.
  • Feedback and marks can be added by the tutor.
  • Students see marks after the moderator agrees.
  • Student view – will have ‘upload assignment’ – with declaration of own work.
  • Resubmitted files will replace the existing file even if it has a different file name.
  • Students can only submit one file (so zip maybe necessary for multiples).
Wish lists/concerns:

  • Schools to decide if this option/facility is used.
  • Automation of assignment for multiple markers.
  • Printing of documents – who pays? - the intention is to keep it all online (Faculty/School/individual can decide if they wish to implement).

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