Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Did you know you could PebblePad Mobile?!

All you need to know about using PebblePad on mobile devices is available here.

First impressions:

There are three ways of mobile devicing, the first I tried was SendR, which is essentially a small Java application that you have to download. Remember there is a cost for downloading items onto your mobile phone! This application allows you to log into PebblePad (Plymouth) and then upload assets to your main PebblePad. Its a little quirky to use and be aware that Java applications functions better on some mobiles than others. Not to dissuade you from a handy little application, but you may encounter errors on this one...

PebblePDA on the other hand a little more slick to use. You simply downloaded the file to your PC, activesync'ed your PDA and then double clicked on the file to install. Its about 2Mb in size. The PDA version allows you to bring down files from your main PebblePad area and also upload. What I liked about this version was you could do all of this via activesync. Saves on Internet costs. However, if you want to use it remotely (no activesync), you will still have to pay to upload or download.

Finally, the simplest version was Pebble Mobile, point your internet mobile browser at http://eportfolio.plymouth.ac.uk/pebblepad/mobile and bobs your uncle you can log in as usual. Very neat.

...Remember you will have to pay whatever your mobile ISP charges to surf the web.

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