Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Strange Dreamweaver CS3 crashing bug

Found a very strange bug in Dreamweaver today after making some adjustments in the CSS for a website I was creating. It happened after saving the code where upon Dreamweaver just crashed!? When trying to restart I was not able to get much further past the splash screen without it crashing again! With a little hunting around on the forums, I discovered that it was in fact the CSS that was probably crashing it. I removed this from my dreamweaver 'site' (temporarily) and then tried again restarting dreamweaver. Amazing, it worked!

What other steps did I take?
I made some slight adjustments with the CSS outside of Dreamweaver, using notepad, I then saved and added the CSS again to the site (this time using Dreamweaver) I then opened the CSS in Dreamweaver and saved again. No crash...


  1. What did you have to change?

  2. Hi Mark, I dont remember exactly, but I basically deleted the section of CSS I was editing before it crashed. I had to do this on the server using notepad then resave the file. It appeared that the code was causing a crash loop. I was using the manange sites feature in dreamweaver and it kept crashing when going throught the loading up the files stage. Once I changed the CSS file it came back to life.