Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Trimble Juno SC available for fieldwork

After much deliberation, the Experiential Learning CETL (University of Plymouth) now has a set of Trimble Juno SC PDAs for use in fieldwork. These devices come with built in GPS (2-5 metre accuracy), SIM modem, camera, Wifi and bluetooth ideal for numerous teaching and learning contexts.

The picture shows the PDA housed within its own bespoke OtterBox. The box is designed to take the usual knocks an bumps and incorporates a screen protector. It has been quoted on some sites as acceptable for 'light rain' use, although we recommend using AquaPacs to ensure complete protection from the elements.

The software we currently deployed on these devices for our own educational contexts include: ArcPad, Memory-map, MScape and TrackMe.

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