Wednesday, 16 December 2009

External Access to tulip sites now active

Its been on the table for a while, but its finally here. It is now possible for staff to create a sub-site in their programme or module site in Tulip and invite external users. This opens up the doors for collaborative teaching and learning opportunities.

In a nutshell, owners create a subsite, activate the sharing feature in the subsite and invite external collaborators using their preferred email address.

With your new subsite created, go back to the top level (main module or programme page) select Administration > Manage > Advanced (tab) > Manage external access > right click on the subsite you wish to make available and select the options.

The usual permissions are available: Owners, Members and Visitors, all of which you can decided who has what. So if you want your invitees to have full control set to Owner, if you want them to read only, then the Visitor option is best.

The more powerful feature is allowing 'anonymous access', this allows the whole world to see the site, so choose your powers wisely...

This feature is not available for My Sites.

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