Thursday, 18 March 2010

The TEL Teams first newsletter!

The first TEL newsletter has arrived! :D Most of you in UoP should have received this, but if you didn't please contact the team on

Notable additions include:
*Central TEL Team drop in facility (Room 105, 3 Endsleigh Place), Please contact for bookings.
*How to compress images in PowerPoint!
*What's a podcast?
*Xerte - a new system to create your own TEL the easy way!
*Student in class voting system - TurningPoint.

Working with Joan Gavin (Learning Technologist) I knocked together this video showing the Student Voting system in action (Link also available on TEL newsletter!):

Thanks also to Sid White (Learning Technologist) for equipment loans! Plus Dr Shirley Atkinson and students featured in this demo.

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