Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sharepoint 2010 and Communicator 2007 are coming to Plymouth

I attended the SharePoint 2010 briefing where Mandy Goss outlined plans about the implimentation of SharePoint 2010 across the University.

What's happening with SharePoint?... These are the key points to remember:

  • tulip 2010/11 sites will be created using SharePoint 2010 these should be available for around the end of May 2010.

  • The new sites will be built without content using a new template

  • existing tulip 2009/10 sites will be retained until Christmas and then removed

  • The 3 year archive of tulip sites will no longer be available.

  • Student Portal front page and Mysites (including all staff MySites) will migrate to SP2010 around July 2010

What else?

  • Development is underway to create single-sign-on software (SSO), which means that from mid-May 2010, there will be SSO for all portal areas including Outlook Web Access no more typing in your passwords in different areas...

  • Office Communicator 2007 will roll out at the end of June, the Learning Technologists have been testing this software and there are some useful additional features.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 is still being evaluated so no plans for implementation just yet.

More information please!

Further details on Sharepoint and Office 2010 can be found on the Web Team Community. The actual PowerPoint that Mandy showed us can be found on the Web Team Community (Basic overview of Summer 2010 changes and developments) - username and password required to access these slides.

Are there any benefits to the new SharePoint?

  • In-page editing with WYSIWYG interface with an editing ribbon similar to the format in the existing Office products.

  • Fully customisable menu.

  • Social computing: tags, bookmarks, noticeboard (Similar to Facebook wall).

  • More themes and layouts (and easier to change layouts).

  • MS Office web apps (Similar to Google Docs)

  • Improved blogs and wikis

  • Collaborative MS Office documents (Similar to Google Docs)

  • Ability to work offline

Please also see the word document: What's new in Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010

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