Thursday 24 June 2010

YouTube Editor, how does it fair?

I created this video to demonstrate how simple short films can be made using the new YouTube Editor. Ok its a little basic, only allows 7 video clips to be included in the time frame, there are no transition effect and there is no audio editing other than an 'AudioSwap' feature that allows users to add creative commons music. For this example I only used 4 original clips taken on a Canon 550D camera that I uploaded directly from the memory card. The clips were then shortened further (using the YouTube editor cutting feature) and pieced together on the (max 7 video) time frame, its all drop and drag!

At the time of producing this, the Editor was in its early stages of development. Yes its crude, but the results are very reasonable. Unfortunately videos created in this way are not available for MP4 download, BUT, if you did not use AudioSwap the MP4 download option does appear.

I think key points to remember are:

  • Uploads can be time consuming if using slow connections.
  • The editor will currently only allow 7 separate video clips to be pieced together in the final item. Keep them short, as you are only allowed a max of 10 mins total for a 'complete' video.
  • No editing of the sound is available as yet. Although royalty free music is included and can be added by drop and drag.
  • The video created with the editor does not currently appear as something that can be re-edited.
  • Processing of your final work can take time, thankfully you can happily turn off your PC while it chugs away and view later!
  • videos created in this way (and using the AudioSwap) are not available for MP4 download, if you dont use AudioSwap, its not a problem... (N.B. and single videos that you have uploaded can be saved as an MP4 - worth knowing if you wanted a simple converter)
  • Completely FREE!!!!!!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Google Docs sharing options have been simplified

This video has subtitles.

Those of you that are concerned about how your documents are shared using Google Docs can now benefit from a simpler interface on permissions.

More information is available on the Official Google Blog.