Thursday, 7 October 2010

Barcode Creation

Thought I would share a useful find, something I had been testing for potential TEL projects.  Its a handy bar code creator on TEC-IT website. Allows users to create specific barcodes with any alpha numerical text! Its free for non-commercial use..., hence the logo below, thank you TEC-IT ;)

Yes this one also says 'Hello World!'.

Try Barcode Scanner on the Android to test it out, works a treat! 


  1. Google have a quick method for generating QR-type barcodes. If you take this string:
    ...and add your URL at the end, after the '=' sign, then point your browser at the resulting address, you'll get a nice QR code of your URL.
    An android browser plug-in for instantly generating QRs from URLs anywhere in a page would be nice, as would a 'Barcode Scanner' feature to scan an image file (e.g. .jpg or .png) and read barcodes from files.

  2. Thanks John a very handy tip, a useful addition to this post. Thanks for commenting :)