Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Easy PowerPoint to Video using Office 2010

I recently downloaded a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 to test out the features in PowerPoint as I wanted to investigate if/how easy it was to create a video with narration for teaching and learning purposes. In comparison with Office 2007 this is extremely simple to achieve. 2010 has the ability so simultaneously record a pseudo-laser pointer, narration, animations and slide timings all in one go.

Here are the steps (also demonstrated in the video below):

  • create your powerpoint as if you were taking a class (Tip: use larger fonts and images - easier for viewing on portable devices.)
  • Plug in your headset with microphone (Tip: the quality of the microphone makes all the difference).
  • Go to the Slide Show tab, then either rehearse the timing with voice or select 'Record Slide Show - Start Recording from Beginning'. Select your options in the popup then... (You are recording!)

  • Speak into the microphone and move through the pages as normal (Tip: use the mouse, as this also allows you to CTRL + left mouse click to show the laser pointer dot, as shown)
    Laser pointer dot shown next to
    'Site Feed'

  • When complete, press 'Escape' wait while it momentarily organises the data.
  • Then create the video by going to Save & Send, which is found under file menu. Select the 'Create a Video' option as shown below. Leave settings as standard, but note there are other video options depending on your needs. All done!

N.B. Don't forget to also save your presentation if you need to come back and make changes.

Microsoft have a guide on recording audio.

Watch the video of how it was done! (including sound)

View on YouTube - note that the video quality starts in standard low resolution quality, HD is also available. Use the expand button to watch full screen (the four arrows - bottom right)

New - Also available on iTunesU

Hope you find this useful...

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