Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Professional accreditation meeting - Hydrographic Academy

Top photograph from left to right: Luke Denner (Learning Technologist, HA), Don Ventura (Fugro), Gordon Johnson (IHO), Dr Richard Thain (Plymouth University), Cdr Andy Swain (Royal Navy, FOST HM), Gywn Jones (Plymouth University), Tony Jenks (Royal Navy Ret.), Dr Jason Truscott (Learning Technologist, SciTech)

I attended a meeting today to help the Hydrographic Academy's team obtain professional accreditation for their courses. This essentially involved presenting all of our ideas, examples of content to a member of an accreditation body. In this case it was Gordon Johnson from the IHO, who kindly visited us in Plymouth to discuss options and the way forward. Richard Thain provided details of the course structure, and I backed this up with demo's of the learning technology we would be using, such as the user interface, podcasts and communication method between tutors and students. It was a team effort where everyone contributed, Don Venture (Fugro International) flew out from the USA especially to participate in the meeting and we even had two people from the Royal Navy. More details are available on the Hydrographic Academy blog.

I think this meeting somewhat highlights that Learning technologist often work on many levels, it's not just about technologies, but it's also about trying to link all the elements of teaching and learning together around the technologies.

For those that are interested, the photos were shot on a Canon 550D with a standard 18-55mm lens and no flash (ISO 1600), the photo collage was then compiled in Photoshop CS5.

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