Monday, 31 October 2011

Finalised user interface for Mohive for Hydrographic Academy

I have been working on finalising the Mohive interface for the Hydrographic Academy. Taking over from my colleague Becki Vickerstaff to incorporate the HA logo and tweak some colours. Based on a template designed by Alan Payne from Fugro (UK), we wanted to recreate the theme and colours of the Academy's existing resources, such as the blog that I have developed. Deciding on HA blue for the top and bottom finishers, the top being slightly thicker to compensate for the strong impact of the logo. I think this makes the interface aesthetically pleasing, providing user with a comfortable balance. It is quite important that interfaces are kept relatively neutral so as not to detract from the learning content. The menu system also incorporates the HA blue in the partial and completed icons, as shown.

This Mohive interface will house the main teaching and learning elements, the remaining will be housed in a bespoke web browser based interface 'Learning Zone' that Im currently developing. Details of the Learning Zone will be discussed in later posts.

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