Monday, 23 January 2012

Waterproofing mobile technologies for fieldwork

I'm often looking around for technologies that make those rainy fieldwork trips less of a worry, particularly when using using expensive equipment. I was rather impressed with the simplicity of the 'special' coating provided by Liquipel. I've seen similar concept provided by companies called RainX for making car windscreens aqua-phobic, but requires re-application every so often. Perhaps this could be a permanent solution for most electronic devices? Typically students have to take protective covers such as otterbox for the devices we supply, it works but with some loss in usability.

I'm not advocating the product in the video but only highlighting the potential. It is not clear what the longevity of this special coating is, and I note that at the time of writing there are a limited number of devices that are approved (fingers crossed mobile manufacturers use this process themselves - perhaps the phone insurance companies could offer it free or at a discounted rate...). I also wonder if this will extend to other solid state mobile devices like pads, I think it could then really catch on if it does...

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