Monday, 30 January 2012

Youtube from the comfort of your webcam

Just a quick post on a handy Youtube feature. It allows users to record video (within a webrowser) via their own webcams and publish to the account. Ensure that the webcam is installed and functioning. I have used Google Chrome with good effect. you may be asked to install Shockwave.

How well this works for you is very much limited to the upload speed of your internet connection, please check your Internet Service Provider if using at home or off campus. If you are using on standard broadband it could be around 0.5mb upload. some of the fibre networks are now 1.5mb+ which are more likely to cope. Plymouth University Campus has excellent bandwidth, I found no problems upload this way. You have the option to review the footage before publishing. Remember, when selecting the publish button always change the setting for the new upload to either private or 'only with link' unless you don't mind the default 'live to the world'!

Did you know that as long as your Youtube account is in good standing, adding your mobile phone number to confirm you are 'human' by a verification code allows you to unlock the 15 minute limit on a standard account... it is all explained in the youtube support. Just don't break copyright or you loose all privileges.

Practical uses of using a webcam:
  • Video diary
  • saves using your hard drive space
  • Access to the Youtube video editor to cut out errors
  • Add other videos in the editor and inter-cut with transitions
  • Video available to anyone on the web (if desired)
Have fun....


  1. Thanks, JAson, for keeping us in the loop of major Youtube webcam stuff, but my personal opinion is that adding your mobile phone number to confirm you are 'human' by a verification code is not secure. I think you should find a better reasonable solution for that. Besides, not many people will fall for that by no means.

  2. Hi Levy, Thanks for your comment. I agree that users could be concerned, YouTube does stipulate that they will not use the mobile number for anything else. The longer drawn out version (which is very much luck of the draw) is to use the YouTube account regularly, uploading and keeping away from copyright infringement. There is no guarantee, other than the hope that Google will upgrade your account by removing the 15 Min limit. Perhaps they will provide other approaches in the future, who knows (fingers crossed)?