Thursday 12 December 2013

Introduction to DSLR: a workshop to train the Learning Technologist

I have been working hard putting together a selection of photographic/video equipment for the learning technologists to help demonstrate effective use of technologies to staff. The idea was to empower them to create their own videos for workshops and demonstrations of other learning technologies.  This has culminated in the creation of a workshop to train my colleagues in the art of the possible. Thought I would share the plan of a very fun session :)

Timings and learning outcomes for DSLR show and train for LTs

10:00 Technical introduction to the equipment.

10:15 Demonstration of the following (This includes using the Zoom MP3 recorder):

  1. Face to camera interview.
  2. Interviewer and interviewee scenario.
  3. Still photograph (head and shoulders).

10:45 Breakout groups of ~6:

  1. One group remains in classroom.
  2. The other group goes elsewhere.

11:15 Breakout group return to classroom and discusses experiences with others.

11:30 Pack away equipment and ready for staff Christmas meal.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to handle both camera and MP3 recorder for basic operation.
  • Photograph a subject (person).
  • Use the camera for an interview.
  • Use the MP3 for an interview.


Much thanks to Ed Bremner (Learning Technologist) who helped co-run and develop this session, with his excellent knowledge and experience of video and stills photography.

Friday 8 November 2013

Become a Digital Guru (promotional poster)

Become a Digital Guru

A poster I created using InDesign 5.5 for ASTI. Aimed at Plymouth University staff, the poster is being used to promote/advertise a few of the new workshops available to train staff. All available workshops can be found here:

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Publication: Video for Teaching and Learning

Just completed, published and printed an ASTI (Academic Support, Technology and Innovation) guide I have been working on to help Plymouth University staff get started in the use of video for teaching and learning.  I've been using video since my early teens and was very pleased to be able to share some of this knowledge while writing this guide.

This 4 pager takes the reader through the stages of video production, pitfalls and includes tips on how to get the best out of their videos. The photos in this publication were taken by me and include an image of Prof Iain Stewart (Geology) with his students on field location, the laboratory photographs are of some equipment used by Dr Roy Lowry (Chemistry) in his own productions for a range of video podcasts that he uses for pre-laboratory work with his students. I was very pleased to have been a supporting member of staff for Roy as part of his Teaching Fellowship. Thank you to Flea Palmer for letting me also use a picture of her on the front cover!

This guide is also used to complement a hands on video workshop run by the learning technologist.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Have a break, have a KitKat

The Google Android operating system has gone through a number of names, that include: Ice Cream Sandwich and recently Jelly Bean. The next iteration needs to have a 'K' and Google have opted for KitKat(R)! Yes the original biscuit bar, and at the time of writing this post, there were obvious links to both products! 

First of all I thought it was a spoof, but the reality is they are completely serious. The most refreshing part is that there is no actual money changing hands between Nestle and Google. There appears to be a mutual agreement to use the logo and name, the Google team apparently have KitKat's as their late night programming chocolate snacks (Source: BBC News).  I think it is good to see companies using their products in clever ways. :)  Roll on the new update for KitKat 4.4 on Android systems! Enjoy the video :)

Friday 12 April 2013

Pelecon 2013 Day 3 photos

Pelecon 2013 Day 3, a set on Flickr.
Photos for the final day of the PELeCON conference at Plymouth University. Excellent company, presentations and keynotes. Safe journey to all the delegates, Plymouth enjoyed having you all :)

Pelecon 2013 Day 2 - Conference Dinner

Here are the photographs taken at the PELeCON conference dinner (National Marine Aquarium). I did have the fish starter... ;)

Thumbnails via this link: