Tuesday 20 May 2014

Moodle Stories - How I went from sceptic to enthusiast

I've been working on the following video with my colleagues to capture views of others using Moodle as a teaching and learning platform. I've been eagerly waiting for the release of the official ASTI news letter before publishing this to my own blog. The ASTI newsletter articles, current and past are available here for those who are interested.

In the above video Gary Strong (Lecturer in Paramedic Practice) provides some very frank commentary on his experience of using Moodle and shares some of his pedagogical approaches.
Further detail on this video available via the ASTI website:
http://technologyenhancedlearning.net/moodle-stories/ which also provides some chapter jumping options.

This interview was created using two cameras (Canon), seperate (Zoom mic), and editing (by me) performed in Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Thursday 15 May 2014

DigiThings video interview

Flea Palmer (Learning Technologist) recently interviewed Dr Emily Beaumont (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship) regarding the new DigiThings online course for academics. Here is the video I helped put together, capturing Dr Beaumont's experiences. It also gives insights into how this course also benefited her students.

This video with an evaluation can also be found on the ASTI website or visiting the DigiThings blog.