Friday 5 December 2014


Its only been a few months since I joined Learning Development at Plymouth University (as a Learning Development Advisor). I help run tutorials and workshops on academic literacy, also within the imaginative space 'The Writing Cafe' offering informal tutorials for passing students. A Plymouth University 2nd year photography student chose the Writing Café for her project creating a story about the individuals who worked in and used the space. Each person was photographed in a way that the student thought represented them well and combined with a piece of writing.  I thought I would go out of my usual comfort zone and write a poem. Inspired by the Cafe and others in my team...  This is the outcome:

Comfort in spaces

Talk or write, write or talk,
There is solace in the pen, there is comfort in paper;
Home is in a page, a book, a novel,

Shadows and light, Plato’s cave,
Images of knowledge, the minds you touch,
Help another, lighten the load,
Find a space, escape a hold,
Clarity of vision, wisdom with love,
Peace within silence, the final abode...

Jason, 5th Dec 2014

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