Wednesday 17 October 2018

S3 to S4 Salesforce - Upgrading to a new system for Writing Cafe-Tutorials-Workshops tracking

Had a very productive meeting today with Rupert Frankum (from TIS) today to discuss the possibility of taking our data collection from S3 into S4 in order to establish use of the Writing Cafe (and tutorials/workshops) in Learning Development. (In an earlier post, I mentioned about reducing administration for collecting date regarding Writing Cafe visits) S3 has worked really well, however, S4 has the opportunities to give a really excellent overview of student progression and use of facilities. Rupert showed me the ability to create bespoke dashboards that would allow all the data to be incorporated in S4, so there is no need to transfer anything out. This really could bring us closer to Big Data, in understanding where we can support students in the future.

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